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Our food is selected to complement your tea experience. Whether it’s classic high tea or Chinese high tea or simply a snack, shared with friends and with an ambience all of it’s own – a subtle and interesting blend of east meeting west.

Brunch/Afternoon Tea

Asian steam lounge $ 7.80

Chicken siumai – 4pc

Ginger prawn dumplings – 4pc

Braised duck with lemongrass and lime buns – 2pc

Slow cooked five spices pork belly with folded bun – 2pc


One bite gourmet pies with chips $7.50/3pc

Beef, burgundy and mushroom pie

Chicken, leek and white wine pie

Roasted pumpkin, Parmesan and shredded basil leaves with a garlic scented cream pie


Sandwiches $7.50

Chicken avocado sandwich

Smoked salmon with cream cheese sandwich


Sweets $5.00

Classic citrus and passion fruit tart

Chocolate caramel tart with chocolate sauce

Sticky vanilla soaked date and walnut

Freshly baked cupcakes

Scone with fresh cream and jam

*Adding ice cream / fresh fruits $2.0


High Tea

High tea for two or more

$20 per person

(minimum two person)


Classic high tea


(chicken avocado, smoked salmon, vegetarian)

Assorted one bite gourmet pies

(beef, chicken, pumpkin)


(Selection of cakes, pastries and sweets)

*recommended teas:

Herbal teas, Black tea


Pinki Pinki high tea

(Chinese high tea)

Ginger prawn dumpling

Chicken siumai

Pork, chilli and ginger/lemon grass and lime braised duck buns

Slow cooked five spices pork belly with folded buns

A selection of cakes, pastries and sweets

*recommended teas:

Herbal tea, Japanese green tea, Chinese white tea and Taiwanese oolong tea

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