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Our teas are crafted and blended by founder Cindy Luo, uniquely formulated to reward your taste, body and mind. We are passionate in our quest to find and formulate teas with holistic properties and benefits.

Let us choose the perfect tea for you

Herbal Infusions

(No caffeine or additives)

Hibiscus beauty

Cranberry-like hibiscus flower mixed with rose petal scent. Rich in vitamin C and minerals.

Just chamomile

Enjoy a cup of fragrant chamomile tea with so many benefits: eases insomnia, boosts your immune system, improve sleep quality and much, much more!

Lemongrass and lemon verbena

A delightful, natural lemon-flavoured herbal tea, contains vitamin A and is good for “those who wish to have bright eyes and clear skin”.

Mint mint

Fragrant and refreshing to smooth, relax and calm.

Lavender melody

Blue lavender, yellow & white linden flower “ground apple”, chamomile create such pleasant aroma! Great help with anxiety, stress and depression.


Japanese Green Tea


Premium tea produced using leaves from the summer to autumn harvest, creating a tea that has a full-bodied flavour and sweetness.

High mountain Taiwan oolong tea

Family estate grown tea without the grassy taste of green tea. Quietly introduces itself on the front plate and finishes with blossoming floral aftertaste

Sichuan jasmine green tea

Named “snow falling upon an emerald pond” from the Sichuan province, a house blended variation with Ginkgo leaf to give an floral aroma complemented by a full-bodied smoothness


Black Tea

English breakfast

A traditional blend of teas, originating from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. Goes well with milk and sugar.

Earl grey premium

Blended with the oil of bergamot and combined with organic orange segments produce more citrus aroma. Perfect for light soothing afternoon drink.

Turkish delight

A delightful black tea with rose, hibiscus and natural vanilla, like a slice of Turkish delight

$ 5.90


Iced Tea

Water of the rose

A marriage of organic rose tea and fresh watermelon

Apple minty

A refreshing blend of organic mint tea, apple and citrus served over ice

Hi berry

Organic hibiscus tea and mixed berries topped with sparkling mineral water

Lav da Spider

A twist on an Aussie concotion of lavender tea with blue berries and vanilla ice cream

Oolong Cooler

Taiwan oolong tea, jasmine buds, apple juice, apple wedged and honey apple syrup

Classic iced earl grey tea

Old school favourite but with “the Earl”

$ 6.80


Soft drinks

Mineral water

Apple juice

Orange juice




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